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The process of spiral steel pipe

Date of issue :2013-11-01Source:http://www.ytcast.comBrowse:order
The process of spiral steel pipe:
(1) the volume of raw materials that strip, wire, flux. In the investment must go through strict physical and chemical inspection.
(2) the strip head and tail docking, using single or double wire submerged arc welding in steel pipe, the automatic submerged arc welding.
(3) before forming, strip after flattening, cutting edge, edge planing, surface cleaning to the transmission and bending process.
(4) by controlling the conveyor on both sides of cylinder pressure electric contact pressure gauge, ensure the smooth conveying the strip.
(5) the external control or internal roll forming.
(6) the weld gap control device to ensure the weld gap to meet the requirement of welding, pipe diameter, misalignment and seam gap have been strictly controlled.
(7) in welding and welding are used in the United States of America Lincoln welding machine for single or double wire submerged arc welding, the welding specification.
(8) end of the seam welding have been injured on-line continuous automatic ultrasonic inspection apparatus, guarantees 100% coverage of spiral weld NDT. If there is a flaw, automatic alarm and spray marking, production workers and adjust process parameters, the timely elimination of defects.
(9) the air plasma cutting machine to cut a single pipe.
(10) into a single tube, each batch of steel tube head three to strict inspection system first, chemical composition and mechanical properties, the inspection of welds, blending, surface quality of steel pipe as well as a nondestructive inspection, to ensure that the pipe manufacturing process after passing, can be formally put into production.
(11) a weld continuous acoustic inspection mark the site, after manual ultrasonic and X ray review, if there are defects, after repair, again after testing, until the defects have been eliminated.
(12) strip butt weld and intersects with the spiral weld type of joint in the tube, all through X ray TV or film inspection.
(13) each pipe by hydrostatic pressure test, the radial sealing pressure. Test pressure and time by detecting device for strict control of hydraulic tube microcomputer. Test parameters automatically print records.
(14) the pipe end machining, the end verticality, can accurately control slope angle and blunt edge.

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