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The surface treatment method of steel pipe

Date of issue :2013-11-01Source:http://www.ytcast.comBrowse:order
In order to improve the life of the oil pipe, usually a surface treatment, in order to firmly with steel pipe and anticorrosion layer. Treatment of common are: cleaning, derusting, cleaning tools, spray Shotblast derusting class four.
1, cleaning
Dust, grease, lubricant, organic steel surface adhesion, solvent, emulsion is usually used to clean the surface. But for the steel surface rust, oxidation to remove skin, welding slag can not, need to be with other treatments.
2, tool cleaning
Pipe surface oxide skin, rust, welding slag, can use steel wire brush to clean polished surface treatment. Tool cleaning is divided into manual, power two, manual tools rust removal can reach Sa2 level, power tool cleaning can reach Sa3 level. Steel surface oxide skin such as attached firmly, can use tools rust can not clean, need to seek other methods.
3, acid pickling
Common chemical and electrolytic pickling includes two kinds of methods. But the pipeline using only chemical pickling. Chemical pickling can pipe surface reaches a certain cleanness, roughness, convenient anchor ridge following. Usually as blasting (sand) and after treatment.
4, spray Shotblast derusting
Blade to rotate in high speed driven by high power motor, so that the steel, steel, wire section, minerals and other abrasive under the action of centrifugal force on pipe surface spray ejection process, hand completely remove the rust, oxide and dirt, on the other hand, steel in abrasive blast and under the action of friction force, to achieve the required uniform roughness.
Four ways, spray Shotblast approach is the most ideal pipe rust, general shot peening is mainly used for surface treatment of steel pipe, steel pipe blasting is mainly used for surface treatment.

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