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High precision cold drawn steel tube cold drawing process

Date of issue :2013-11-01Source:http://www.ytcast.comBrowse:order
High precision cold drawn precision steel tube is a new type of high-tech energy-saving products. In recent years, with the production of precision steel tube technology has been widely used in domestic hydraulic, pneumatic cylinder, coal mine bracket (pillar), oil pump, Jack manufacturing field. High precision cold drawn precision steel tube applied to save steel, improve the processing efficiency, saving energy, reducing the hydraulic cylinder, the cylinder processing equipment investment has important significance.
Cold drawing process: -- comparison of the cutting process of hydraulic cylinder and the traditional production of high precision cold drawn tube, has the following characteristics: (1) high production efficiency: using traditional methods of production of a diameter of 420 mm, 12 meters long cylinder 154 hours, used in the production of cold drawn method only needs 4 minutes. (2) high quality: the rolling head boring and plays a role of guidance, in the process of cutting, the blank pipe deflection, the rolling head and boring deviation, resulting in waste.
The rate of certified products can only reach about 60%, and cold drawing method of production, high rate of more than 95%. (3) high utilization rate of metal: manufacturing cylinder boring method with traditional, metal utilization rate is only 50-70%. Production method by drawing, metal not only was cut into Tiemo, but can get 30% extension, metal utilization rate of up to 95%. (4) can improve the mechanical properties of the finished tube metal: Production by drawing method, the blank plastic deformation of more than 30%, strength limit and make the finished tube metal due to work hardening is greatly improved. General inner strength limit up to a 60% increase in the finished tube. High precision cold drawn tube with seamless hot-rolled steel pipe, ERW pipe as blank, after the chemical treatment in special drawing machine, drawing through the mould design and construction deformation principle, produce high precision tube. The dimensional accuracy of H10 ~ H8, linear range was 0.35 ~ 0.5mm/m, the surface roughness of Ra1.6-0.4.

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