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Wuan Yongtian Casting Industry Co., Ltd. is a production, sales, as one of the independent export casting factory, company is located in Shanxi four province core position center hub of Hebei enterprises Handan, geographical advantages, convenient transportation. Aircraft, high-speed rail, highway, provincial highway construct the lead in all directions of traffic network. Key products: centrifugal cast iron pipe, pipe fittings and related products. The company has a registered trademark of "YYTT", the product through the ISO9001:2000 certification in 2008.
Company to the centrifugal casting cast iron pipe, pipe fittings for leading products, product performance advantages, good quality, casting can completely meet ASTMA888, CISPl301, IS06594, DINl9522, KSD4307, EN877, GBl2772 and other standards, executive standard pipe edition of 2000, the 1993 edition of unreasonable are improved greatly, both of which have straight, uniform wall thickness, compact structure, high strength, smooth outer wall and inner wall, no casting defects, environmental protection and corrosion resistance, simple installation, convenient, good sealing performance, long service life, wide application of drainage works, sewage works in city buildings etc..
Since the founding of the company, is committed to the development of more advanced species, pay attention to the management of people, promoting the modern enterprise management system, the company has a number of high-tech, high-quality, high service elite team, undergraduate and engineer companies accounted for 60% of all employees.
The company take development as the first priority, to improve equipment level and competitive strength, to product quality as a fundamental of business survival, the company testing equipment, advanced means, provides the reliable guarantee for the excellent quality of products. Has established strict organization system and quality management system. In strict accordance with the ISO9001 international quality system standards, the company's reputation as a guide, to the quality of survival, to efficiency and development for the purpose of quality, strengthen management, and strict control of.
The company has obtained the Hebei iron and steel products of qualified units, high-tech enterprises in Hebei Province, the first National Foundry Industry hundred enterprises, China Foundry Association sixth member units, the city of Quality Supervision Bureau of quality units, advanced building energy-saving units, consumer trust units such as the honorary title.
Company to the user as the God; to reform as a driving force, to talent as a fundamental, culture as the support, to forge ahead, willing to work with customers, guests and friends the world mutually beneficial cooperation, hand in hand, and seek common development, create brilliant tomorrow!

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